The Sunday Morning Mandarin Club

People sometimes ask us how to best use our online courses. We firmly believe that the very best way for your children to learn Mandarin is for the whole family to learn together.

Picture the scene. It’s 9am on a Sunday morning. You’ve just had a lovely breakfast with your kids and you’re not due out of the house until 10.30am. At this point in our house, you will find the whole family gathered (often still in PJs) around the laptop or tablet watching the latest instalment of the Little Dragons Silver Family Membership course. Our lessons are designed to be both high quality and fun, so it’s no hardship for my other half and me.

We sit around together, enjoying DJ Mandarin, MoMo and Mr Panda’s antics and at our own faltering attempts at speaking Mandarin.  If the kids have questions about the lesson even days afterwards, or want to practice something in particular, we can then help them out. We enjoy playing the games together, going through the worksheets and then testing our knowledge in the quiz each week.

The lesson videos are around 10 minutes long, plus with the games and activities it’s only about 30 minutes in total. This is the perfect amount of time for primary aged children and it’s amazing how much they remember!

We’ve found that this is the best way to make the most of our course materials and it’s a lovely way to spend some quality time together as a family.

Why don’t you and your family join us in the Sunday Morning Mandarin Club? Just drop me a line helen(at) and I’ll even send you a reminder email every Sunday morning at 9am!

Happy learning!