Do the Chinese actually celebrate Easter?


The answer is….kind of! Or more to the point, some do. Historically, as a non-Christian nation, China has not celebrated Easter. However, there are millions of Chinese Christians these days and many of them will celebrate Easter. The big Christian churches will hold special Easter services and often Easter eggs are sold outside.


Regional differences

There are some interesting regional differences in Chinese Easter celebrations. Hong Kong, as a former British colony, has emphatically embraced the celebration and Easter Sunday and Monday are public holidays. This is not the case for anywhere else in China.

In the province of Heilongjiang, where our very own MoMo comes from (do you remember her video of freezing Harbin?) there have been close links with Russia since the arrival of the Trans-Siberian Railway over 100 years ago. Consequently, there is a significant number of Eastern Orthodox church members and a beautiful Orthodox cathedral, Saint Sophia, in the city of Harbin.  Easter is a very important festival to the Orthodox church, as are Easter eggs, which signify new life. Orthodox Christians, both adults and children love painting Easter eggs. There are many different designs and you might just spot a Chinese-looking Jesus on some of them!

Easter for businesses

Although Easter is not a tradition native to China, even non-Christian businesses might make some special foods, or sell Easter eggs (chocolate or just painted eggs!) or have a special sale during the festival. So although many Chinese do not celebrate Easter, some do and if you are in a big city in China during Easter you may well see evidence of the festival on your travels.

Have a very happy Easter, wherever you are!

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